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nicole labyNicole Laby

I believe that my training, professional experience, and life experience have helped form the way I understand the origins of emotional challenges and how we cope with them.

In terms of how I can assist, I work collaboratively with you, to support change and help you to overcome emotional and psychological barriers. Your history and present life experience is the map we can use to understand the basis for your emotional struggles. In a sense, I like to gain a clear understanding of your unique story and then provide support, guidance, and effective tools towards your healing process.

In aiding others to recover from any significant life challenge, I value the process and the opportunity to help.

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Psychotherapy: My Training, Style and Approach

My practice includes care and treatment of individuals, couples, families, and groups. I have two decades of experience and/or training in the following areas of treatment: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, intimacy issues, hair loss/thinning due to Alopecia or hormone changes, substance abuse, sexual abuse/trauma, sexual-orientation issues, eating disorders, and infertility. My use of psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy, combined with an art therapy/expressive arts approach, encourages the development of one's unique course to change. Additionally, I believe limitations to creating fulfilling connections to self and others are driven by attachment wounds (occurring within the family system). Part of the work I do involves exploring these early wounds, and then finding ways to embrace life without the weight of their impact.

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Clinical Consultation and Teaching

In addition to my psychotherapy practice, I enjoy teaching eating-disorder recovery to psychology graduate students, and offering support and/or training to mental and physical healthcare providers. I have 13 years of experience working in the Bay Area as a consultant with clinicians, and with students in their masters and doctorate programs.


Please note that while I do not accept health insurance, I provide end-of-the-month billing statements. You can submit these to your insurance company and may later receive out-of-network reimbursement.

I accept payment via Venmo, cash or check. My fee for virtual sessions remains the same for in-person sessions. My fee is $200 for individual sessions, and $225 for couples or family sessions. My fee for consultation and/or teaching varies upon the scope of the project. Please contact me to discuss details.

I collect payment on or before your session date, or after you receive an invoice/super bill at the end of the month.