Nicole Laby

Depression and Anxiety

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Do you suffer from depression or anxiety, or both?

Sometimes depression and anxiety are difficult to identify. If you've struggled for a long time, you might not recognize depression or anxiety, as they can weave themselves into the fabric of your being.

Depression and anxiety can exist independently or they can co-occur; they may evoke feelings of sadness, anxiousness, isolation, hopelessness, fear, low self-worth, or numbness. Sometimes family and friends provide warmth and grounding during these times, however, many clients express that no one understands.

"They think I'm being lazy or unmotivated. I get all kinds of advice, and I feel so ashamed when I can't carry out their suggestions."

"I keep hearing from my friends that I'm so intense all the time—that I should focus on the good things in my life instead of spinning on all the stuff I'm worried about. But I feel like my anxiety controls me. I'm powerless to it, so I can't just decide to turn it off."

Often, family and friends are well-intended. If they haven't experienced depression or anxiety themselves, and if they aren't aware of how to be supportive when you're suffering, their good intentions can be ineffective. Fortunately, there are concrete means by which to manage depression and anxiety, and many people can experience sustained relief.

Helpful Screening for Depression and Anxiety

If you're wondering whether or not you struggle with depression, anxiety, or both, click on the link below. I've included a short screening prepared by the National Institute of Mental Health. This information will not provide a diagnosis or definitive answers to your questions, however, it can give you a more comprehensive picture of what depression and anxiety look like. If this information is relevant to you, please feel free to contact me or any mental health clinician you trust for support.

bullet  Do I have signs of Depression?
bullet  Do I have signs of Anxiety?

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like support, and wish to seek relief from the burden caused by depression and anxiety.