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"Erasing ED" Treatment Manual & Film

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Erasing ED (eating disorders), a documentary I wrote and directed, focuses on recovery from eating disorders. It is unique in that, while other eating-disorder documentaries focus on the failure to thrive, Erasing ED chronicles the prosperous recovery stories of five of my former clients. This film imparts hope and knowledge of eating-disorder recovery.

Erasing ED can be seen on PBS stations nationwide until 2018, and won two independent film festival awards. The emails and phone calls I've received from people who have seen the film on PBS and in film festivals reveal how much the focus on healing and full recovery has helped to instill hope."Erasing ED Treatment Manual"

The Erasing ED Treatment Manual is the companion to the film. The book is written primarily for healthcare providers and students; however, the language is entirely comprehensible for lay people. I co-wrote the manual with Sheira Kahn, MFT, and with contributions from Avril Swan, M.D.

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Recovery Story

Amber S. contacted Nicole Laby after watching Erasing ED. She was inspired by the film and had always wanted to give back to the ED community once her recovery became solid. This is one of many of Amber's wise and heartfelt contributions to the ED recovery arena.

"Self-hatred evolves into self-love. Fear & anxiety become confidence and living. I hope my story of my darkest days, spent barely surviving in my cage of Anorexia, can be the light and hope for the recovery of others. I was imprisoned and cagED by my eating disorder for 4 years. Today, I have my key safely tucked away, as recovery was that key...the key that's led me to being free. Living, loving, laughing....uncagED".

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How to Purchase Film & Manual

You can purchase two different versions of the Erasing ED film (on DVD), the Erasing ED Treatment Manual, and the CD Soundtrack through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account--just a credit card. Click on the buttons below to place your order. (Shipping is calculated at the end).

Erasing ED dvd cover

Clinician's Version. This 45-minute DVD contains footage and literature that is helpful for graduate students in training and for mental and physical healthcare providers

Erasing ED DVD: Clinician's Version: $55



Erasing ED dvd cover

PBS Version. This 26-minute DVD is the version aired on PBS. It is helpful for lay people, students, and clinicians.

Erasing ED DVD: PBS Version: $40





Erasing ED Treatment Manual

An easy-to-use, hands-on training manual aimed at clinicians and student interns treating ED's, but also helpful for lay people.

Erasing ED Treatment Manual: $15




Discount: You are welcome to purchase the Erasing ED DVD and Treatment Manual together to save $5 off the individual price.

"Erasing ED" Clinician's DVD and Manual

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"Erasing ED" dvd and manual

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