Nicole Laby

How I Can Help

I enjoy working with a few different approaches rather than just one. I feel that the diversity is helpful as each person is unique and requires a slightly different approach to working out difficult matters. I use the following theories as I believe the application of their principles help to support sustained change and personal growth:

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Psychodynamic Theory

This theoretical approach utilizes verbal communication to aid in finding relief from emotional and psychological pain. Psychodynamic theory helps one to gain awareness of unconscious motives, behaviors, and conflicts; the acquisition of "insight" may facilitate change. In this type of therapy, life histories, stories, and events from childhood to the present are explored. One might find that coping mechanisms used in childhood may not be advantageous to life in the present.


Cognitive Behavioral Theory

This approach is based on the concept that if we change our thinking, we can change the way we feel and act, even if the actual situation does not change around us. It centers on the idea that our thoughts are responsible for our feelings and behaviors. Therefore, by changing our thoughts we can facilitate more peaceful feelings and behaviors.


Attachment Theory

In short, Attachment Theory suggests that the early bond established between a caregiver and his/her child has a profound impact on the child that is pervasive throughout the individual’s life. Essentially, a secure attachment (created when the caregiver provides a responsive and available connection to the child) can result in the individual’s sense of security, and can foster the capacity for a more robust self-identity.


Art Therapy / Expressive Arts

This approach encourages insight and awareness through the use of artistic expression. I only use art therapy if it feels like it makes sense during the session, and if/when it's regarded as a helpful form of therapy. Art therapy is merely a means to tap into feelings/insights/unconscious material that is sometimes difficult to access via traditional talk therapy. Skill or good artisanship does not play a role in art therapy.


Combining the Theoretical Approaches

In my use of these therapies, my objective is to understand and respect your needs. I work in a collaborative way, and at a pace that feels effective in the pursuit of change.

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